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And are not an antecedent and a pronoun referring to the same person in the world, which would force them to agree in number.They are a “quantifier” and a “bound variable,” a different logical relationship.Ambiguity is par for the course with pronouns with multiple referents, anyway: (6a) Bob asked Jim if he was fat.(6b) The Romans befriended the Gauls, but they slew them.You’re not helping; you’re just getting someone to pretend to agree with you long enough to shut you up.Or worse, you’re scaring people into submission to a point where they feel compelled to preface their speech with apologies for any unknown violence their words are committing against the presumed propriety of the language.

The there does not, in fact, have plural number, because it refers neither to one thing nor to many things; it does not refer at all.” And that’s the weird thing.September 10, 2009 in agreement, ambiguity, English, grammar, history, languagelog, linguistics, plurals, pronouns, quantification, Uncategorized, words, writing | Tags: anyone, c. lewis, chaucer, david gelernter, everyone, geoff pullum, he or she, indefinite pronoun, singular they Suppose you were reading and came to the following line: “She kept her head and kicked her shoes off, as everybody ought to do who falls into deep water in their clothes.” Would you …


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